Are You Using the Energy of This Powerful ‘8 Universal Year’?

life wheelAre you using the energy of this powerful ‘8 Universal Year’ to create more success and balance in your life? If not, read on…

So you may be wondering what does an 8 Universal Year in Numerology mean exactly? It simply means that all of the numbers within the year 2015 added up together = 8. Therefore, an 8 Universal year is creating a specific energy that the entire world is feeling during this calendar year. Also, we all have a personal year that we are in, which contributes to the energies we are feeling. You can always contact me for more information regarding what personal year you are currently in. For now, I am focusing on the powerful energy of an 8 Universal Year. The energy of 2015 is a very intense energy that will amplify everything in our lives. The number 8 is known for its connection to money, power and recognition. Unlike the energy that swirled around last year causing you to want to retreat more inward. This energy is saying, “come out, be seen and be heard!” Basically, this energy is invoking you to bring forth anything that you have been dreaming about creating, selling, producing, birthing, or whatever it may be that you have already started. Bring it forth now, so you can achieve personal satisfaction and recognition and reap the financial benefits that are available to you.

An 8 year is a great year to take full ownership of your life. Step into your power and set some concrete and realistic goals because you will be supported energetically in achieving them. This powerful year will support you in breaking through some of the obstacles and excuses that stopped you from moving forward with your goals in the past. It is time to take on your internal victor and let your victim fall to the wayside. The essence of an 8 Universal Year is that of balance. If you look at the number 8 you can also see the infinity symbol, our infinite connection with all of Creation. It is also a reminder that what we think, feel, speak and put into action is what we create more of in our lives. Take smart and diligent action and be aware of what you send out, you will receive back. This Universal 8 year is about Karma, and applying ethics to all of your personal and professional handlings will highly support you. Balance as a focal point in an 8 year requires us to restore it in our life in which ever area it may be needed. The 8 can only stand upright when there is proper balance in your life and affairs.

Since there is truly no time like the present to implement balance and focused intention and clarity into your endeavors and the many aspects of your life. It definitely is not a time to hold out or give up when situations and endeavors call you to step up and claim what you deserve. This is an exciting time and I know I am definitely starting to feel this surge of energy. I have already found myself wanting to get out more and I am finding new found inspiration and motivation to get started on my 2015 goals and dreams. I hope your are too.

However, before we move into our 2015 goals and dreams it is important to celebrate and acknowledge yourself for any accomplishments, achievements, creations… whatever it is you are proud of from 2014. So you can be full of vim and vigor when plotting out what you want to achieve in this powerhouse of a year we are flowing into. Are you ready to set yourself up for success and balance in 2015? It is not too late and trust me, after you complete this activity you will be in a state of flow and excitement around all of the future experiences and endeavors you have been holding in your vision, and have been waiting to claim and take action on.

Grab your favorite pen, a special piece of paper, journal, a beverage, light a candle, some music whatever makes you feel like celebrating, and let’s do this! This will be the best 15-20 minute gift that you could possibly give yourself! Now you can make your list anyway you choose. You can make two columns listing 2014 as the header in one and 2015 as the header in the other. Then you simply start listing in column 1 (2014) all that you have accomplished, created or ended in 2014, anything and I seriously mean anything. You may not think it is a big deal, trust me it is. I have inserted the image to the right, reflecting all of the different aspects of your life to serve as a reminder or guide for the many different types of accomplishments you achieved in 2014. Remember not all accomplishments or achievements have to do with financial gain or the completion of huge goals. They have to do with every aspect of your life as the bubbles suggest. They can be big, small, serious, fun… whatever, as long as you are thankful for having experienced or accomplished it. If you really want to go for it you can also list each category and put stuff under each one individually. If you choose to do it this way it does provide you with a wonderful visual of how balanced your life was in 2014. It also provides you with some insight as to where you might like to spend more time and effort in 2015. Be creative and tackle it anyway you choose, the most important thing is actually writing it down.

Research proves that when you put your thoughts, actions, and goals to paper they become more realistic and communicate more powerfully to your subconscious mind. I have to tell you, before I got started I didn’t think I had that much to write down. However, after reviewing all of the categories and reflecting, more things kept flowing into my awareness and memory and I couldn’t put the pen down. Also, keep your list out because you most likely will remember other stuff in the days that follow. I know that I did. Set the intention to enjoy this process and you will!

When your 2014 list is complete, you can’t help but smile and celebrate. It is this attitude of gratitude and the place of contentment and joy that expands and opens you up for more. I have been rereading my 2014 list for more inspiration and motivation as I work toward my goals and desires for 2015. When you have completed your 2014 accomplishments take a few nice deep breaths and really presence yourself and your list and let it sink into your soul. This really is a big deal!! Be with it and close your eyes and go back to the feeling you had in these experiences. Let that feeling of success and accomplishment be with you and anchor it in, program it into your subconscious mind. It will be there and attainable for you to grab hold of for strength and inspiration as you move toward the goals and desires you have for 2015.

Now, you will create your list for 2015. Again review the visual for inspiration and to make sure you are creating goals that will be balanced. This is about you taking a holistic approach and feeding and filling the whole you. Create illustrations, insert your favorite quotes, affirmations anything and everything that makes you smile and feel proud. Note, some of your goals may be hefty and this will be the year you get started and they may run into next year – perfectly fine.

The key is to start the process, and to take advantage of the energy of this powerful year that is backing you up and supporting you. Now is the time to put a stake in the ground for what you truly desire and are focused on achieving. I am proud of you and I can’t wait to hear about what you are looking to create in this power 8 Universal Year!

Comment below, the more people and places that you share your goals with, the more likely you will achieve them… I would also love to hear about some of your biggest wins from 2014. I am excited about the energy and possibilities that this New Year brings. I know I have set myself up for success and balance, and I desire the same for you.

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