Are You Using the Energy of This Powerful ‘8 Universal Year’?

life wheelAre you using the energy of this powerful ‘8 Universal Year’ to create more success and balance in your life? If not, read on…

So you may be wondering what does an 8 Universal Year in Numerology mean exactly? It simply means that all of the numbers within the year 2015 added up together = 8. Therefore, an 8 Universal year is creating a specific energy that the entire world is feeling during this calendar year. Also, we all have a personal year that we are in, which contributes to the energies we are feeling. You can always contact me for more information regarding what personal year you are currently in. For now, I am focusing on the powerful energy of an 8 Universal Year. The energy of 2015 is a very intense energy that will amplify everything in our lives. The number 8 is known for its connection to money, power and recognition. Unlike the energy that swirled around last year causing you to want to retreat more inward. This energy is saying, “come out, be seen and be heard!” Basically, this energy is invoking you to bring forth anything that you have been dreaming about creating, selling, producing, birthing, or whatever it may be that you have already started. Bring it forth now, so you can achieve personal satisfaction and recognition and reap the financial benefits that are available to you.

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Inner Transformation: Reflect by Connecting with Nature

Connecting with Nature - AutumnReflect, ponder, pray, meditate, walk, take time for yourself and affirm all the goodness around you and in your life by connecting with nature. I must say walking and connecting with nature is one of my favorite things to do to nourish my soul. It is definitely the best medicine for me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Taking five, ten, twenty minutes, whatever window of time you have to connect with nature can make a huge impact on how you feel on every level, and how you view life.

Physically, it feels good to get your body moving, your blood pumping and flowing thru your body and arousing all of the trillions of cells that comprise it. It is so beneficial to recognize your body as a wondrous and magnificent machine and to appreciate it by moving it and affirming it. I know sometimes I take my body for granted, not really considering all that it does for me every second of every day. When I get out and move and walk in nature I love to take time to affirm how blessed I am to be able to walk, stretch and breathe in all of the goodness that surrounds me.

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Inner Beauty: Beauty is all about Perspective

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” Sophia Loren


Me after procedure on foreheardI can’t help but take Sophia Loren’s quote to heart this month. As I have been challenged with embracing my own beauty perspective. Be Beautiful now is the mantra I choose to live by and the message I feel so passionate about sharing with the world.

However, I also know how challenging it can be at times to feel that way about ourselves and to keep ourselves in that enlightened state of mind.

When reflecting on Sophia Loren’s quote I could easily say, “Well, that is easy for her to say because she is a timeless beauty!”

However, it reminds me of ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg?’

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What is Dream Coaching?

“Your Dreams Matter… It’s Time to Make Your Dreams Come True!”

A dream is a wish that your heart makes, and then at times your head wants to take away from you, and do all that it can to remind you that it can’t be a reality. Does that sound familiar to you? If so, please keep reading. This is for you…I believe making your dreams come true and living a life filled with purpose and passion is your birthright, and I know that living the life of your dreams takes support, planning, and action steps. I also know that achieving the life of your dreams is a journey and at times can definitely be challenging. That is why I am prepared to support you through this journey and provide you with the proper tools to work through the obstacles, excuses, voices, or any other form of resistance that will appear along the way.

I know how it feels to be so bogged down by your inner critic that you feel completely paralyzed, and willing to do whatever you can to quiet your true inner calling and come up with every excuse in the book for not following through on a dream. However, with that said if you truly desire something in life, and are willing to do the work to manifest your dream life that I know is possible. Then taking the action steps toward achieving your dreams puts you within the realm of miracles where all dreams are possible. Where I have had the privilege and have done the work to experience a dream come true. I ask you to take this step forward and believe in your self and know truly know, that you are worthy to have all that you want in life. A dream that is ignored and never explored is like a letter, or part of you that will forever be left unopened.

So, what has not listening to your truth, and not following the whisper of your essence, of your soul’s yearning cost you? It cost me a lot of energy, time, and self-sabotage trying to ignore, numb out, and live a life that wasn’t on purpose or filled with passion. Life is too short not to be true to you and the unique gifts you were meant to find, hone, and then share with the world. Ultimately, when we are living our lives being in integrity with our true desires and radiating from our true spirit and essence we are in our most glorious and beautiful light. Now is the time to truly heal from the heart and radiate the best version of you because there is no one else in the world like you. If you are truly ready to transform your life and be supported in a safe, sacred, and compassionate space to propel you into taking back your power and the beautiful being you were created to be. I ask you to embark on this transformational journey of reclaiming your soul’s dream, and radiating in your inner and outer beauty.

For more information about how dream coaching can help you, read about my 10-step process coaching program.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
-John Lennon

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