More Than a Microderm Abrasion Treatment, Jasleen Arora

I initially started going to Melissa for microdermabrasion treatments. After a few treatments I, along with my sister, could see the transformation on my once acne scarred back. Not only that but I would leave Melissa’s feeling better overall. I had an hour of treatment but also relaxation if I chose or venting if I chose. I always leave feeling better.

Melissa gives you an accurate account on what to expect from the treatments and does not up sell in any way. She also invests in you as a person not just a client. She has the ability to ensure you get what you need as far as results go but can also chat and be a support if that’s what you happen to need that day. It is not about money or selling a product for Melissa, it’s about making her client happy and being able to relate as a human being. She has me as a client for life.

– Jasleen Arora
Vancouver, Canada

More Than Just a Make-up Application, Christina

“Thank you so much for doing my make up! I felt so beautiful and confident that night! I received so many compliments and it was because of you! Thank you for making me feel so beautiful that night!”

Love,  Christina <3 <3 <3
Vancouver, Canada

Knowledge & Empowerment thru Numerology, Katie Dharma Golby

“Just had an amazing Skype call with the lovely Melissa Gabrielle Schooling. She’s an numerology expert who looks at the energy of your name and how the numbers impact on who you are. I didn’t have a middle name and so we looked at the energies of my name and what was missing- hence my new middle name. Dharma adds a needed 4 and 8, bringing me much needed balanced, organization and production. I feel very positive about it all!”

– Katie Dharma Golby
Hillmorton, United Kingdom

Knowledge & Empowerment thru Numerology, Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine“I had the most amazing in depth Numerology reading last night from the gorgeous Melissa Gabrielle Schooling! This was quite profound information and I feel blessed to have worked through most of my challenges that were lined up in the future already!

I have also now added my middle name to my profile and websites.

This is because by doing so, it brings more fun in, humanitarian aspect, more visibility, less sensitivity, more power and allows me to step up again…

I never realized that the frequency of our names can effect so much! I highly recommend Melissa to all my friends who have a heart centered businesses, or to anyone who wants more insight to help them understand so much more about themselves, their life path and how you can make little tweaks in your name which can change so much!

Love you Melissa!”

– Sarah Vine
Saint Osyth, Essex, United Kingdom

Energy Scan & Healing, Stephanie Straeter

Stephanie Straeter“The energy scan and tapping provided to me by Melissa Schooling helped me gain valuable new insights and to better accept the uncertainties of life.

When she scanned me I was in a rut. In my profession as a clinical supervisor and health and wellness coach at a total healthcare company I felt like I was going through the motions. As a psychologist from CA, joining this company in FL had been a wonderful opportunity to head in a direction that mirrored my values when it comes to prevention and living your healthiest life.  However, an abrupt change in the structure of the company, a couple of years later, left me feeling like it was time to move on, but I wasn’t looking forward to returning to private practice.  Additionally, during that time my cat of 14 years, Meme, was going through the final stages of renal failure and I was starting to feel the strain of having a long distance relationship to my fiancé.

Her scan definitely resonated with me.  I was all charged up but, not sure which way to go. The more time passed the more pressure I was putting on myself to know. I wasn’t sleeping or working out regularly due to caring for Meme.

Her scan helped me to see what was working in my life and what needed to be done in order to move forward.

Melissa is a caring, intuitive teacher who also taught me how to use tapping to manage my negative emotions. Exercise, meditation and walking my cat are the ways I generally manage my emotions.

However, I needed I technique that I could use at work or while I was away from home.

With Melissa’s support I resumed all the activities that allow me to sit with uncertainty and the answers I was searching for came forth.

Today I am preparing to begin private practice via the web, have been promoted to the Director of Behavioral Health at work and making my long distance relationship work.”

– Stephanie V. Straeter, Ph.D.
Assistant Clinical Director
Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Jupiter, FL, USA

Energy Scan & Chakra Work, Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine“I was very intrigued and excited to have an energy scan done recently with Melissa Schooling. As someone myself who is committed to my own inner growth, I was excited to see what it would uncover for me as I know life is a continued learning process and I love gaining deeper knowledge and aspects of myself in a way that I can then continue to learn, grow and heal.

I was extremely impressed with firstly how accurate Melissa was in what she saw and shared and also how she delivered the information.  It was spot on with what had been going on for me and gave me that deeper insight to an area where I knew there was some kind of block which then cleared the way for deeper healing to happen for me, for which I am very grateful. I highly recommend an Energy Scan and Melissa to anyone who is curious, would like deeper insight into the Chakra system for any potential blocks, knowledge or supportive clues that really do assist you in moving forward with your life. I truly felt the benefits of the channelled prayer and EFT/Tapping that Melissa used in our healing session. Not only was she able to discover what was posing an issue for me at the moment, but the healing portion of our session provided me with the right energetic clearing that I truly needed. Melissa is definitely someone who is highly skilled in addressing what it is that is keeping you from feeling in flow, and then allowing the healing process to happen so you can experience the shift back to living in flow and in what is true for you.”

– Sarah Vine

Realizing Life’s Purpose and Vision, Michelle Celemencki

Michelle Celemencki“After being coached by Melissa I was able to clearly realize my life purpose and vision. Most importantly, I felt confident and worthy enough to take the necessary steps to make it come into fruition, and Arielle’s Sweet Tooth was born.

Melissa came into my life at the perfect time. I was stuck in a died end job, a toxic relationship, and I was struggling financially as a single mom. To add to that I felt lost spiritually and I basically had let myself go: my weight spiraled, I had no energy or motivation, zero self-worth, and every ounce of confidence I once had in myself was gone. The life long dream I had of having my own baking business was a remote fantasy. I felt so paralyzed and I felt like my life was passing me by, but I just couldn’t, and I had no idea how to move forward. I got to the point where I knew I needed to make some drastic changes in my life in order to propel me out of the darkness and disempowerment that I was so submerged in, but I didn’t even know where to begin. I was on a downward spiral until I was introduced to Melissa by a dear friend. From the moment I met Melissa I knew my life was about to blossom into the life I had always envisioned for myself.

By the time I finished coaching with Melissa my life was back on purpose and filled with passion and my baking business, Arielle’s Sweet Tooth was no longer just a remote dream. Within six months my business was branded and incorporated. The safe, compassionate, and authentic space that Melissa held for me through multiple coaching sessions allowed me to release so many negative emotions, beliefs, and blockages that I had been carrying around with me for so long. I had know idea how they were preventing me from moving forward, and causing me such emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain, and on top of that attracting everything that didn’t serve me into my life.

Melissa is very patient and intuitive, and her laser coaching got straight to the root of my issues from a very holistic approach. Through this process I reconnected to the beauty that is truly within me and I began to care for and love myself again. As a result I released weight, cleared my complexion, and got my poor eating habits under control, and I have more energy and confidence now than I have ever had before.

I now have crystal clear intentions for my future and the divine path that I am meant to be on. I am so grateful that Melissa came into my life! Her professionalism, and the vast knowledge she holds for all of the multifaceted aspects of her business truly make her coaching approach unique, and an inspiring and empowering experience that I would recommend to anyone!

– Michelle Celemencki

Inspired for Healthier Life, Patty Gutierrez

Patty Gutierrez“Melissa Schooling has inspired me to create a healthier life style both internally and externally. I love her passion in wanting to help others look and feel their best. I was introduced to Isagenix shortly after receiving my Biometric Screening results. The results indicated high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My doctor suggested putting me on prescription medication to lower my cholesterol and high blood pressure, but I was very hesitant.

Instead, I followed Melissa’s advice and tried the Isagenix products (IsaLean shakes, Ionix Supreme, 4-day cleanse, ect..) to improve my overall health. I knew the products were working because I was finally getting the nutrients I was missing. I felt awesome…my energy level had increased, my nails and hair were growing, and I was sleeping better. Six months later, I went back to the doctors to check my numbers again. I lost 10 pounds and lowered my cholesterol and my blood pressure was well within the normal range. I was ecstatic and so was my doctor because it prevented me from being on prescription medication.

Another area Melissa has coached and supported me with is within the realm of her esthetician and beauty skills. She has magic fingers that will transform your skin to look and feel younger. My favorite is the pumpkin chemical peel facial!! Last but not least, she is the best with applying make-up and using proper techniques to make you look naturally beautiful. I’m fortunate to have Melissa share her knowledge of wellness and beauty tips from head to toe with me. It’s always fun to see and hear Melissa share the latest and greatest products that are out there…..Melissa always knows! :)”

– Patty Gutierrez

EFT Enthusiast, Jennifer Heckert

Jennifer Heckert“My EFT work with Melissa was absolutely life-changing for me. I was unfamiliar with the process, but Melissa gently supported me and encouraged me to be open to the opportunity to grow. I was amazed at the ability to identify internal and external stressors in my life through EFT. It was an emotional cleansing journey to help me clarify and release negative energy. I also had a chance to engage in other mindful practices with Melissa that had a profound, positive impact on my overall health and outlook on life.

I now feel more complete and balanced in my life as a result of the holistic approach she implements into her coaching sessions. Melissa definitely is an expert when it comes to the beauty and wellness industry and her vast knowledge in this field has had a direct impact on increasing both my energy level and my confidence. I am now more dedicated to my overall beauty routine. She has mentored me in taking a positive stance toward caring for myself from the inside out.

I truly do feel more at peace with myself on a variety of levels: from the basics of applying my daily make-up, to the implementation of an effective skin care routine, she has definitely instilled in me the importance of taking time for me and practicing conscious self-care rituals. I am so grateful I embarked on this journey of transformation, and I am so amazed by Melissa’s ability to lead and support me!”

– Jennifer Heckert

BC Pageant Contestant, Ria

Melissa and Ria“When I first met Melissa, I was in a rut in my life. I was letting the day-to-day hubbub of everything unimportant rule me: money, materialistic things – I had no sense of who I was, what I truly wanted, and I had very little belief in myself. Every time I was stressed about something, I would feel as though the entire world was falling down on me. I had no capability of getting out of any hole I had mentally dug myself into. I was physically, emotionally and spiritually unhealthy.

First talking to Melissa was a great release for me. It was as if I had been talking to someone I had been friends with for many years. The fact that Melissa was so in touch with herself and the world around her gave me a slight boost of energy, confidence and inspiration – and that was only the beginning.

Although many of my self-esteem issues came from bad friendships and growing up in uncomfortable circumstances, the biggest hit to my confidence happened in 2010 when my aunt was involved in a hit and run. She died two days after, and I was blamed for everything – from her getting hit by the car to her dying. I had spent much of my life being the scapegoat by some of the people closest to me, so I had become so good at masking the way these actions had made me feel. I had come to believe I was deserving of all the blame I was receiving. When the man responsible was found, it gave me a little bit of confidence, and I found myself trying to get on track to goals that felt right – but I felt unworthy of.

In November 2012, I was encouraged to enter the Miss BC pageant. The first thing I thought was, “me? A pageant? Yeah, right!” Despite the minimal confidence, I passed the preliminary interview and was offered a competition spot. As the months leading up to the competition went on, I started to find excuses not to do the pageant: no sponsor, I didn’t look good enough, I didn’t feel good enough, I didn’t want to wear an evening gown…the list went on and on. Melissa and I continued to keep in touch throughout the process of trying to find a sponsor – and by March 2013 I had decided to bow out of the pageant. I didn’t feel worthy of it, anyways, so what was the point? Melissa swooped in and said it wasn’t going to happen – and she wanted to coach me. Realizing she had seen something in me – something demonstrating potential and the possibility of growth – made me feel better about myself.

In the weeks that followed, Melissa helped me set goals flanked by discipline, restraint, spirituality, and a positive work ethic. When things were hectic, Melissa introduced me to tapping to get rid of the negative energy trying to build and store itself within me; having that powerful tool has helped me cope with my issues. Previously, I had let my diet get the best of me; prior to Melissa coaching me, food was a security blanket I could retreat to. On the outside, I looked okay, but I could feel, on the inside, I was not as fit as I had previously been.

Every step of the way, Melissa was there to encourage me. I would come to her with a problem. She would respond with a hope-filled solution, quote, or wise words. Then things would be okay. This was a circle that I went through during the sessions – but the cycle soon diminished as I learned how to cope with my hurdles, stressors and concerns on my own – and through Melissa’s positive coaching.

By the end of my time with Melissa – in July 2013 – I had lost ten pounds. I had been introduced to a very beneficial cleansing system, Isagenix, that made me look and feel great about myself. I started working out on a proper schedule, got back into shape and I felt great! I was more than ready for the pageant; I went into it expecting to learn from the other women competing. And that is exactly what I did.

Cut to August 2013: I’ve made a complete turn around. I am going to school for broadcasting in September. I am healthy and happy. I am a more positive person who has learned to have fun and be creative. I am in touch with my well-being. I don’t indulge in food like I used to. Most importantly, I am happy on the inside and out. Everyone has commented on how it shows right through me.

If you are looking for someone who is going to change your life – not just your clothing size and well-being – then look no further. Melissa is here to help. The vast amount of knowledge she has on health and well-being will change your life. I know my life changed for the better – and I am so glad I had the chance to work with her. I know I am going into my field of choice with an immense amount of confidence – and with a smile!”

xox, Ria