Inner Transformation: Reflect by Connecting with Nature

Connecting with Nature - AutumnReflect, ponder, pray, meditate, walk, take time for yourself and affirm all the goodness around you and in your life by connecting with nature. I must say walking and connecting with nature is one of my favorite things to do to nourish my soul. It is definitely the best medicine for me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Taking five, ten, twenty minutes, whatever window of time you have to connect with nature can make a huge impact on how you feel on every level, and how you view life.

Physically, it feels good to get your body moving, your blood pumping and flowing thru your body and arousing all of the trillions of cells that comprise it. It is so beneficial to recognize your body as a wondrous and magnificent machine and to appreciate it by moving it and affirming it. I know sometimes I take my body for granted, not really considering all that it does for me every second of every day. When I get out and move and walk in nature I love to take time to affirm how blessed I am to be able to walk, stretch and breathe in all of the goodness that surrounds me.

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